Public Sector Economics

List of reviewers

During the years we have endeavoured to attract as many authors as possible, and at the same time to find the best reviewers for given areas. All the articles submitted have undergone a double, anonymous peer-reviewing procedure. 

In our gratitude to reviewers for their patient performance of a very responsible and frequently unrewarding task and for their efforts to extract the very best from authors’ ideas and approaches to topics, we are collecting a list of all the reviewers since 1999. We apologise to those from the period before 1999, who have not been placed on this list. 

Last Name, Name Affiliation City Country

Ahec Šonje, Amina  Arhivanalitika / Zagreb School of Economics and Management  Zagreb  Croatia

Akinlo, Anthony Enisan  Obafemi Awolowo University, Department of Economics  Ile-Ife  Nigeria

Alfirević, Nikša  Faculty of Economics  Split  Croatia

Alves, José  Research Unit on Complexity and Economics, School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon  Lisbon  Portugal

Andersen, Torben M.   Aarhus University   Aarhus  Denmark

Andrijašević, Sanja    Zagreb  Croatia

Anesti, Nikoleta  Bank of England  London  United Kingdom

Antić, Dinka  Faculty of Law, Pan-European University Apeiron  Banja Luka  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anušić, Zoran  World Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Apergis, Nicholas  University of Piraeus, Department of Banking and Finance  Piraeus  Greece

Arbula Blecich, Andrea  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Arbutina, Hrvoje  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Arčabić, Vladimir  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Augustin, Ivan   Erste d.o.o. Mandatory and Voluntary Pension Funds Management Company  Zagreb  Croatia

Awiti, Christine  United Nations Economic Commission for Africa   Addis Ababa  Ethiopia

Babić, Ante  Zagreb School of Economics and Management  Zagreb  Croatia

Babić, Zdenko  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Bach, Stefan  DIW Berlin, Public Finance Department  Berlin  Germany

Bađun, Marijana  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Bagić, Dragan  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  Zagreb  Croatia

Bajo, Anto    Zagreb  Croatia

Baker, Philip  University of London, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies  London  United Kingdom

Bakić, Damir  Faculty of Science, Mathematics  Zagreb  Croatia

Bakkar, Yassine  Queen’s Management School, Queen’s University  Belfast  United Kingdom

Balázs, Égert  OECD  Paris  France

Bambulović, Mario  Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA)  Zagreb  Croatia

Barac, Zoran  Zagreb School of Economics and Management  Zagreb  Croatia

Barbić, Tajana  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Baretić, Marko  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Barslund, Mikkel  Centre for European Policy Studies  Brussels  Belgium

Bartels, Charlotte  German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)  Berlin  Germany

Bartlett, Will  London School of Economics and Political Science  London  United Kingdom

Bartolj, Tjaša  Institute for Economic Research  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Basrak, Bojan  Faculty of Science - Mathematics  Zagreb  Croatia

Bastida, Francisco  Prince Sultan University  Riyadh  Saudi Arabia

Baxa, Jaromir  Charles University  Prague  Czech Republic

Bedenic, Željko  Raiffeisen Pension Insurance Company Plc.  Zagreb  Croatia

Begović, Boris  Center for Liberal-Democratic Studies  Belgrade  Serbia

Bejaković, Predrag  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Benjak, Tomislav  Croatian Institute of Public Health  Zagreb  Croatia

Benković, Andreja  University of Hohenheim, Department of Economics  Stuttgart  Germany

Bezinović, Petar  Institute for Social Research  Zagreb  Croatia

Beznoska, Martin  Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft  Köln  Germany

Billmeier, Andreas  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Blažić, Helena  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Bokan, Nikola  St. Andrews University, School of Economics and Finance, Centre for Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis  Fife  United Kingdom

Bönker, Frank  University of Cooperative Education Leipzig  Leipzig  Germany

Boromisa, Ana-Maria  Institute for International Relations  Zagreb  Croatia

Botrić, Valerija  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Boussetta, Selma  University of Bordeaux  Bordeaux  France

Brajković, Jurica  Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar  Zagreb  Croatia

Brändle, Thomas  Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Federal Finance Administration and University of Basel, Faculty of Business and Economics  Bern/Basel  Switzerland

Bratić, Vjekoslav  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Bronić, Mihaela  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Broz, Tanja  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Bubaš, Zoran  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Budak, Jelena  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Buljan, Antonija  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Buturac, Goran  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Capéau, Bart  KU Leuven - Department of Economics  Leuven  Belgium

Ćapeta, Tamara  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Carić, Hrvoje  Institute for Tourism  Zagreb  Croatia

Chowdhury, Rosen  Swansea University  Swansea  United Kingdom

Christl, Michael  Joint Research Centre European Commission  Brussels  Belgium

Çiçek, Serkan  The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies  Vienna  Austria

Cichocki, Stanislaw  Warsaw University, Faculty of Economic Sciences  Warsaw  Poland

Coelho, Miguel  Universidade Lusíada  Lisbon  Portugal

Colombato, Enrico  Faculty of Economics  Torino  Italy

Colombier, Carsten   FiFo Institute for Public Economics, University of Cologne  Koeln  Germany

Colombino, Ugo  Department of Economics and Statistics "Cognetti de Martiis", University of Torino  Torino  Italy

Cota, Boris  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Cozmanca, Bogdan  National Bank of Romania  Bucharest  Romania

Crnković-Pozaić, Sanja  BIT Croatia Ltd.  Zagreb  Croatia

Crossan, Kenny  Edinburgh Napier University  Edinburgh  Scotland

Cvitanić, Jakša  California Institute of Technology  Pasadena  USA

Cvrtila, Vlatko  Faculty of Political Science  Zagreb  Croatia

Čečuk, Andro  Moody's Analytics Risk Management Services  London  United Kingdom

Čeh Časni, Anita  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Čipin, Ivan  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Čirović-Donev, Ita  Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Čok, Mitija  Faculty of Economics  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Čučković, Nevenka  Institute for International Relations  Zagreb  Croatia

Dagsvik, John K.  Research Department, Statistics Norway  Oslo  Norway

Dalić, Martina  Croatian Parliament  Zagreb  Croatia

Daniels, Susane  West Virginia University, Department of Economics  Morgantown  USA

David-Barrett, Elizabeth  University of Sussex, Centre for the Study of Corruption  Brighton  United Kingdom

de Haas, Ralph  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  London  United Kingdom

de Renzio, Paolo  International Budget Partnership  Washington  USA

Defloor, Bart  Ghent University  Ghent  Belgium

Deichmann, Joel Ian  Bentley University, Global Studies Department  Waltham, Massachusetts  USA

Derado, Dražen  Faculty of Economics  Split  Croatia

Derenčinović, Davor  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Deskar-Škrbić, Milan  European Commission  Brussels  Belgium

Deuber, Gunter  Raiffeisen Bank International Vienna  Vienna  Austria

Diaz-Fuentes, Daniel  University of Cantabria, Faculty of Economics and Business  Santander  Spain

Dika, Mihajlo  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Dimitrić, Mira  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Dionne, Georges  Canada Research Chair in Risk Management, HEC Montréal  Montréal (Québec)  Canada

Dobrotić, Ivana  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Dolenc, Primož  University of Primorska, Faculty of Management  Koper  Slovenia

Dolenec, Hrvoje  Raiffeisen Consulting  Zagreb  Croatia

Dražić Lutilsky, Ivana  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Drezgić, Saša  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Drüen, Klaus-Dieter  Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Faculty of Law  Düsseldorf  Germany

Družić, Marko  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Dubinina, Evgeniya  Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University  Prague  Czech Republic

Dumičić, Mirna  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Džinić, Jasmina  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Đurđević, Zlata  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Ehtisham, Ahmad  London School of Economics and Political Science  London  United Kingdom

Erjavec, Nataša  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Esteller-Moré, Alejandro  University of Barcelona, Faculty of Economics and Business  Barcelona  Spain

Evans, Chris  University of New South Wales  Sydney  Australia

Fadic, Milenko  OECD  Paris  France

Falconer, Stewart  Business School, Edinburgh Napier University  Edinburgh  United Kingdom

Faulend, Michael  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Fazekas, Mihály  University of Cambridge / Government Transparency Institute  Cambridge  United Kingdom

Feige, Edgar L.  University of Wisconsin-Madison  Madison  USA

Feld, Lars P.  University of Heidelberg, Alfred-Weber-Institute of Economics  Heidelberg  Germany

Feldkircher, Martin  Oesterreichische Nationalbank  Vienna  Austria

Ferraz, Claudio   University of British Columbia   Vancouver  Canada

Figari, Francesco  Insubria University, Department of Economics  Varese  Italy

Franić, Josip  Instiute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Franičević, Vojmir  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Fredotović, Maja  Faculty of Economics  Split  Croatia

Fruk, Mladen  KPMG  Zagreb  Croatia

Fukker, Gabor  Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB)  Budapest  Hungary

Funda, Josip  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Gächter, Martin Lukas  Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck, Department of Economics & Statistics  Innsbruck  Austria

Gadžo, Stjepan  Faculty of Law  Rijeka  Croatia

Galac, Tomislav  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Galinec, Davor  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Glas, Miroslav  Faculty of Economics  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Globan, Tomislav  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Goel, Rajeev K.  Illinois State University, Department of Economics  Normal, Illinois  USA

Grbac, Bruno  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Grdinić, Maja  Faculty of Economics and Business  Rijeka  Croatia

Grdović Gnip, Ana  University of Primorska, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies  Koper  Slovenia

Gregori, Wildmer   Joint Research Centre European Commission  Brussels  Belgium

Gross, Marco  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Gruić, Branimir  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Guardiancich, Igor  European University Institute  San Domenico di Fiesole  Italy

Haiss, Peter R.  Vienna University of Economics and Business  Vienna  Austria

Hashimzade, Nigar  University of Reading  Reading  United Kingdom

Hasseldine, John  University of New Hampshire  Durham  USA

Hayoz, Nicolas  University of Geneva, Faculty of Social Science and Economics  Geneva  Switzerland

Heath, Ellis  West Virginia University, Department of Economics  Morgantown  USA

Hege, Elisabeth   The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations  Paris  France

Hegerty, Scott W.   Northeastern Illinois University  Chicago, Il.  USA

Heipertz, Martin  Office of the European Union Special Representative in Kosovo  Prishtina  Kosovo

Henjak, Andrija  Faculty of Political Science  Zagreb  Croatia

Herbst, Mikołaj  Centre for European Regional and Local Studies, University of Warsaw  Warsaw  Poland

Hernaus, Tomislav  Faculty of Economics and Business  Budapest  Hungary

Hočevar, Marko  Faculty of Economics  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Hodžić, Sabina  Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management  Opatija  Croatia

Hoerdahl, Peter  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Holzner, Mario  The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies  Vienna  Austria

Horvat, Eva  Raiffeisen Mandatory and Voluntary Pension Funds Management Company Plc.  Zagreb  Croatia

Hug, Simon  University of Geneva  Geneve  Switzerland

Huljak, Ivan  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Inotai, András  Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  Budapest  Hungary

Ivanov, Marijana  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Ivanović, Maja  University of Donja Gorica  Podgorica  Montenegro

Jafarov, Etibar  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Jager, Matjaž  Faculty of Law  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Jakovljević, Tatjana  Croatian Competition Agency  Zagreb  Croatia

Jaworski, Piotr  Edinburgh Napier University; School of Accounting, Economics and Statistics  Edinburgh  United Kingdom

Jazbec, Boštijan  Faculty of Economics  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Jeanne, Olivier Dominique  Johns Hopkins University  Washington  USA

Jelavić, Vladimir  Ekonerg  Zagreb  Croatia

Jelčić, Barbara    Zagreb  Croatia

Jelčić, Božidar    Zagreb  Croatia

Jerković, Mirjana    Zagreb  Croatia

Ježić, Zoran  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Jolić, Ivana  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Jovanovic, Branimir  The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies  Vienna  Austria

Jovanović, Tatjana  Faculty of Administration  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Jović, Ivana  Privredna banka Zagreb  Zagreb  Croatia

Jovičić, Goran  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Jozić, Mijo  Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency  Zagreb  Croatia

Jurlina Alibegović, Dubravka  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Kaliterna Lipovčan, Ljiljana  Institute of Social Sciences "Ivo Pilar"  Zagreb  Croatia

Karlinsky, Stewart  San Jose State University  San Jose  USA

Kersan Škabić, Ines  Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Department of Economics and Tourism  Pula  Croatia

Kesner-Škreb, Marina    Zagreb  Croatia

Kešeljević, Aleksandar  School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Kisić, Ivica  Faculty of Agriculture  Zagreb  Croatia

Klemenčić, Irena  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Klepac, Goran  Raiffeisen Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Klun, Maja  Faculty of Administration  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Kocenda, Evzen  Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University  Prague  Czech Republic

Kohlscheen, Emanuel  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Kopanska, Agnieszka  Faculty of Economic Science, University of Warsaw  Warsaw  Poland

Koprić, Ivan  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Kordej-De Villa, Željka  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Kostova, Miroslava  University of Alicante, Department of Economics  Alicante  Spain

Kraft, Evan  American University  Washington  USA

Kregar, Josip    Zagreb  Croatia

Křepelka, Filip  Masaryk University, Faculty of Law  Brno  Czech Republic

Krever, Rick  The University of Australia Law School  Perth  Australia

Krkoska, Libor  European Bank for Research and Development  London  United Kingdom

Kružić, Dejan  Faculty of Economics  Split  Croatia

Krznar, Ivo  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Kula, Maria Cornachione  Gabelli School of Business, Roger Williams University  Bristol, RI   USA

Kuliš, Danijela    Zagreb  Croatia

Kunovac, Davor  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Kunovac, Marina  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Kurnoga Živadinović, Nataša  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Kuzmanović, Branka  Hauska & Partner Group  Zagreb  Croatia

Lang, Maroje  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Latković, Mladen  Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund Management Company Ltd  Zagreb  Croatia

Lau, Edwin  OECD  Paris  France

Lavrač, Vlado  Institute for Economic Research  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Lažnjak, Jasminka  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  Zagreb  Croatia

Le Blanc, David   United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs  New York  USA

Ledić, Marko   Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Leguizamón, Juan Sebastián  Vanderbilt University, Department of Economics  Nashville, Tennessee  USA

Lerche, Adrian  University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Department of Economics and Business  Barcelona  Spain

Letina, Srebrenka  Institute for Social Research  Zagreb  Croatia

Libman, Alexander  Frankfurt School of Finance and Russian Academy of Sciences  Frankfurt (Main) and Moscow  Germany and Russia

Liha, Aida  UNDP-Croatia  Zagreb  Croatia

Liu, Amanda  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Ljubaj, Igor  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Lolbert, Tamás    Budapest  Hungary

Lombardi, Marco Jacopo  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Lončarić-Horvat, Olivera  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Lovrinčević, Željko  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Ludolph, Lars  London School of Economics and Political Science  London  UK

lves, José  Research Unit on Complexity and Economics, School of Economics and Management, University of Lisbon  Lisbon  Portugal

Mačkić, Velibor  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Mađarević-Šujster, Sanja  World Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Maehlum, Sverre  Norwegian Ministry of Finance  Oslo  Norway

Mahieu, Geraldine  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Malešević Perović, Lena  University of Split  Split  Croatia

Mamić Sačer, Ivana  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Mara, Isilda  The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies  Vienna  Austria

Marčetić, Gordana  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Marić, Jakša  Croatian Postal Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Markovinović, Hrvoje  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge  Andrew Young School of Policy Studies  Atlanta  USA

Marušić, Ljiljana  Croatian Institute for Retirement Insurance  Zagreb  Croatia

Mataija, Mislav  European Commission  Bruxelles  Belgium

Matek, Petar Pierre  Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency  Zagreb  Croatia

Mates, Neven  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Matković, Teo  independent scholar  Zagreb  Croatia

Mayr, Lukas  University of Essex, Department of Economics  Essex  United Kingdom

Medak Fell, Danijela  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Međimurec, Petra  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Mehrotra, Aaron  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Mertens, Jo Beth  Hobart and William Smith Colleges  New York  USA

Mervar, Andrea  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Meuleman, Louis   Public Strategy for Sustainable Development (PS4SD)  Brussels  Belgium

Mihaljek, Dubravko  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Mijatović, Nikola  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Mikulić, Davor  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Milas, Goran  Institute of Social Sciences "Ivo Pilar"  Zagreb  Croatia

Miličević, Jurica  Croatian Postal Bank Inc.  Zagreb  Croatia

Miošić, Miošić  PERSPECTA social development consultancy  Zagreb  Croatia

Mostovac, Alan  Office of the Agent of the Republic of Croatia before the European Court of Human Rights  Zagreb  Croatia

Mourão, Paulo Reis  University of Minho, Department of Economics  Braga  Portugal

Mrak, Mojmir  Faculty of Economics  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Mrkalj, Marko  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Mullins, Peter  Faculty of Science, Department of Statistics  Auckland  New Zealand

Musa, Anamarija  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Mustać, Nora  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Nadoveza Jelić, Ozana  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Neal, Craig  World Bank  Washington  USA

Nemec, Juraj  Faculty of Economics and Administration  Brno  Czech Republic

Nestić, Danijel  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Niestroy, Ingeborg  Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)  Potsdam  Germany

Novoselec, Petar  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Ogata, Kentaro  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Ohmann Rowe, Tina  Independent Consultant  Zagreb  Croatia

Olden, Brian  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Opačak, Marija  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Orsag, Silvije  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Osmanagić Bedenik, Nidžara  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Ott, Katarina  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Owusu, Erasmus L.   The Nielsen Company   Redditch  UK

Paesani, Paolo  University of Rome Tor Vergata, Faculty of Economics  Rome  Italy

Pale, Predrag  Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing  Zagreb  Croatia

Patel, Nikhil  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Pavičić, Jurica  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Pavlović, Andrea  Privredna banka Zagreb / Zagreb School of Economics and Management  Zagreb  Croatia

Pejovich, Svetozar (Steve)  Texas A&M University  College Station  USA

Perić, Renata  Faculty of Law  Osijek  Croatia

Perišin, Tamara  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Pervan, Ivica  Faculty of Economics  Split  Croatia

Petak, Zdravko  Faculty of Political Science  Zagreb  Croatia

Peteri, Gabor  LGID Ltd.  Budapest  Hungary

Petrović, Siniša  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Petrović, Suzana  The World Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Pezer, Martina  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Pierluigi, Beatrice  European Central Bank  Frankfurt am Main  Germany

Pippin, Sonja  University of Nevada, Department of Accounting & Information Systems  Reno  USA

Pluta, Anna  Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS)  Ruga  Latvia

Polanec, Sašo  Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Polk, Andreas  Berlin School of Economics and Law  Berlin  Germany

Polšek, Darko  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  Zagreb  Croatia

Pope, Jeffrey  Curtin University, School of Economics and Finance  Perth  Australia

Posedel, Petra  Zagreb School of Economics and Management  Zagreb  Croatia

Prebble, John  Victoria University of Wellington  Wellington  New Zealand

Prijaković, Simona  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Primorac, Marko  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Pripužić, Dominik  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Radin, Dagmar  Faculty of Political Science  Zagreb  Croatia

Rahman, Jesmin  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Ranđelović, Saša  Faculty of Economics  Belgrade  Serbia

Rašić Bakarić, Ivana  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Ravnik, Rafael  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Reuter , Wolf Heinrich  German Council of Economic Experts  Wiesbaden  Germany

Rider, Mark  Georgia State University  Atlanta  USA

Rios, Ana Maria  University of Murcia  Murcia  Spain

Rismondo, Mihovil  Faculty of Economics  Split  Croatia

Risteska, Marija  Center for Research and Policy Making  Skopje  Macedonia

Ridzak, Tomislav  Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA)  Zagreb  Croatia

Rodin, Siniša  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Rogić-Lugarić, Tereza  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Rojec, Matija  Faculty of Social Sciences / Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Rubil, Ivica  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Rusac, Silvia  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Saitis, Athanasios  Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences  Stuttgart  Germany

Salerno, Luca  Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy  Munich  Germany

Samodol, Ante    Zagreb  Croatia

Sanz, Ismael  University of Granada, Faculty of Economics  Granada  Spain

Schnellenbach, Jan  Alfred-Weber-Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften  Heidelberg  Germany

Schönfelder, Bruno  TU Bergakademie Freiberg  Freiberg  Germany

Schürz , Martin  Oesterreichische Nationalbank  Vienna  Austria

Scialà, Antonio  Roma Tre University  Rome  Italy

Signorelli, Marcello  University of Perugia, Department of Economics  Perugia  Italy

Sikirić, Ana Marija  Faculty of Economics and Business  Rijeka  Croatia

Simmons, Robert   Lancaster University Management School  Lancaster  UK

Simula, Laurent  Paris School of Economics  Paris  France

Slabe Erker, Renata  Institute for Economic Research  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Slack, Enid  University of Toronto, The Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy  Toronto  Canada

Slijepčević, Sunčana  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Smolić, Šime  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Somai, Miklos  Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  Budapest  Hungary

Sommer, Eric  IZA Institute of Labour Economics  Bonn  Germany

Sonora, Robert  University of Montana, Bureau of Business and Economic Research  Missoula  USA

Sopek, Petar  Privredna banka Zagreb  Zagreb  Croatia

Sorić, Petar  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Spruk, Rok  Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Spurr, Melissa      

Srakar, Andrej  Faculty of Economics / Institute for Economic Research  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Srhoj, Stjepan  University of Dubrovnik  Dubrovnik  Croatia

Stanca, Razvan Victor  National Bank of Romania  Bucharest  Romania

Stanić, Branko  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Stanovnik, Tine  Faculty of Economics / Institute for Economic Research  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Starc, Nenad  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Stix, Helmut  Austrian Central Bank  Vienna  Austria

Stojanović, Alan  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Strmota, Marin  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Stroligo, Klaudijo  World Bank  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Stubbs, Paul  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Stučka, Tihomir  World Bank  Washington  USA

Sumpor, Marijana  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Symeonidis, George  Hellenic Actuarial Authority and University of Piraeneus  Piraeus  Greece

Šamota, Davor    Osijek  Croatia

Šćukanec, Ninoslav  Institute for the Development of Education  Zagreb  Croatia

Šego, Boško  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Šimović, Hrvoje  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Šišinački, Jelena  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Škreb, Marko    Zagreb  Croatia

Škudar, Alen  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Šokić, Petar  Ministry of Science, Education and Sports  Zagreb  Croatia

Šoljan, Vedran    Zagreb  Croatia

Šonje, Velimir  Zagreb School of Economics and Management / Arhivanalitika  Zagreb  Croatia

Šorić, Kristina  Zagreb School of Economics and Management  Zagreb  Croatia

Šošić, Vedran  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Štambuk, Ana  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Štulhofer, Aleksandar  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences  Zagreb  Croatia

Šućur, Zoran  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Šušteršič, Janez  University of Primorska, Faculty of Management  Koper  Slovenia

Švaljek, Sandra  Croatian National Bank  Zagreb  Croatia

Tabak, Peter  The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  London  United Kingdom

Tandberg, Eivind  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Tatomir, Srđan  Bank of England  London  United Kingdom

Teksöz, Utku  Credit Suisse  London  United Kingdom

Tepuš, Mladen Mirko  Erste Card Club  Zagreb  Croatia

Terkper, Seth E.  International Monetary Fund  Washington  USA

Thoresen, Thor Olav  Research Department, Statistics Norway  Oslo  Norway

Tica, Josip  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Timofeev, Andrey  Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies   Atlanta, GA  USA

Tkalec, Marina  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Tomaš, Ivan  Robeco  Rotterdam  Netherlands

Tomić, Iva  Croatian Employers’ Association  Zagreb  Croatia

Tosun, Mehmet Serkan  University of Nevada, Department of Economics, College of Business Administration  Reno  USA

Tran-Nam, Binh  University of New South Wales  Sydney  Australia

Tsugawa, Shuichi  Okinawa University, Department of Law, Economics and Management  Okinawa  Japan

Turković, Ksenija  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Týč, Vladimir  Masaryk University  Brno  Czech Republic

Urban, Ivica  Institute of Public Finance  Zagreb  Croatia

Vaillancourt, Francois   University of Montreal, Department of Economics  Montreal  Canada

Valdec, Miljana   European Central Bank  Frankfurt am Main  Germany

Vale, Sofia  University Institute of Lisbon – ISCTE  Lisbon  Portugal

Vamvakidis, Athanasios  Bank of America Merrill Lynch  Charlotte  USA

van Meurs, Wim  Radboud University Nijmegen  Nijmegen  Netherlands

van Schaik RA, Frans  University of Amsterdam  Amsterdam  Netherlands

Vásáry, Viktóriay  Research Institute of Agricultural Economics  Budapest  Hungary

Vassnes, Erik  OECD  Paris  France

Vašiček, Vesna  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Vehovec, Maja  University of Rijeka  Rijeka  Croatia

Verbič, Miroslav  Faculty of Economics & Institute for Economic Research  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Vidačak, Igor  Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs  Zagreb  Croatia

Vinella, Annalisa  University of Bari “Aldo Moro”  Bari  Italy

Vitezić, Neda  Faculty of Economics  Rijeka  Croatia

Vizek, Maruška  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Vojinović, Borut  University of Maribor, Institute of Tourism  Brežice  Slovenia

Vučković, Valentina  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Vujić, Sunčica  University of Antwerp  Antwerpen  Belgium

Vukina, Tomislav  North Carolina State University  Raleigh  USA

Vukoja, Oriana  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Vukorepa, Ivana   University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law Zagreb  Zagreb  Croatia

Vuković, Vuk  Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Department of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Vukšić, Goran  European Commission  Brussels  Belgium

Wagener, Andreas  University of Vienna, Department of Economics  Vienna  Austria

Wampler, Brian  Boise State University  Boise  Idaho, USA

Wehner, Joachim  London School of Economics and Political Science  London  United Kingdom

Wildmer, Gregori  European Commission - Joint Research Centre  Ispra  Italy

Wolff, Edward  New York University, Department of Economics, USA  New York  USA

Wörz, Julia  Oesterreichische Nationalbank  Vienna  Austria

Xhumari, Merita  Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science  Tirana  Albania

Yakovlev, Pavel  West Virginia University, Department of Economics  Morgantown  USA

Yavuz, Arslan  Bank for International Settlements  Basel  Switzerland

Yedgenov, Bauyrzhan  Department of Economics, International Center for Public Policy, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University  Atlanta  USA

Zagler, Martin  Research Institute for International Taxation  Vienna  Austria

Zajc, Katarina  University of Ljubljana Law School  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Zaman Groff, Maja  Faculty of Economics  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Zekić-Sušac, Marijana  Faculty of Economics  Osijek  Croatia

Zito, Anthony  Newcastle University, School of Geography, Politics and Sociology  Newcastle upon Tyne  United Kingdom

Zoričić, Davor  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Zovko, Ilija Ivan  Lloyds TSB  London  United Kingdom

Zrinščak, Siniša  Faculty of Law  Zagreb  Croatia

Zuber, Marija  Croatian Association of Accountants and Financial Experts  Zagreb  Croatia

Zupanc, Darko  National Examinations Centre  Ljubljana  Slovenia

Žager, Katarina  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Žganec, Srećko  Raiffeisen Mandatory Pension Fund  Zagreb  Croatia

Žigman, Ante  Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA)  Zagreb  Croatia

Žilić, Ivan  Institute of Economics  Zagreb  Croatia

Živković-Matijević, Trinka  Raiffeisen Consulting  Zagreb  Croatia

Žmuk, Berislav  Faculty of Economics and Business  Zagreb  Croatia

Žunić-Kovačević, Nataša  Faculty of Law  Rijeka  Croatia

Županov, Josip    Zagreb  Croatia

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